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Burger bar and Food Truck

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Since 2009, Mx.Vich Burger has been the ultimate destination for burger fans in Szekszárd. Our constantly renewing menu has something special for everyone, either locally or delivered. Come and try what a real Szekszárd burger adventure is like. 

  are we  what? 

kik vgyunk mi?
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Take a look at our menu!


You can find us here:

7100 Szekszárd, Szent

3-5 István tér.

Mx.Vich Burger Center:

Sunday - Tuesday, 11am - 10pm

7100 Szekszárd Tartsay Vilmos utca 40.

Wednesday - Saturday , 11am - 10pm

Mx.Vich Burger TESCO:

Find out more about the location on our social media page!

Wednesday - Saturday , 11am - 10pm

Mx.Vich Burger Truck:

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Lord of the Wings 

Or our little wing workshop

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